With high self-esteem is is an important aspect.

Previous studies have shown that some young people who are popular among their peers relational violence in order to maintain and enhance their reputation in their peer group. With high self-esteem is is an important aspect, because that is important revel in the inhibition of behavior in adolescents from the relational violence between peers at school includes, said Moreno.

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A new study by by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has submitted concrete child children by autistic spectrum disorders process sensoric information such sound, touch and vision evolved different than usual children.

Foxe study ‘Multisensory workmanship in children with autism: high-density electric illustration of auditory – somato integration,’appears to the 17 August online version of the Autism Research. The first author is has Natalie Russo , a postdoctoral research with Dr. The second co-authors are graduate students Alice brandy and Ted Altschuler and Hilary Gomes Professor of Psychology from City College of New York City.. The researchers currently evaluating MSI with children from age 6 carried early adulthood to understand the evolution trajectory of multisensory integration. By Dr. MSI in the bottom -functioning ASD children study.