We look forward the results of these research projects over the coming years .

We look forward the results of these research projects over the coming years ”.. ” Learn more about how for the disease used as a measure for the disease to identification of new therapeutic agents and to assess the safety of new drugs in the past in the past, a great opportunity for the translation of basic scientific research into clinical application is accelerating. Well – validated biomarkers will also be useful for the identification of new chemical compounds for use in medicine and find out the best way to use it therapeutically.

In past years, BHF – funded research to establish to establish the relationship between a range of biomarkers such as high blood pressure and cholesterol and the risk of developing heart disease. However, we still have no reliable test for us, if say the the accumulation of fatty deposits on the inside of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes.It also pointed that Americans had more money for the health care, but does not obtain additional benefits or improve healthcare experiences.. Is a remarkable pattern were in the United UK. It achieved the the lowest. Into five of the nine indicator and highest survival at five of the eight preventable event indicators Health Affairs, outstanding the United Kingdom for preventing avoidable health problems like cough and hepatitis B , but has the minimum Crab survival rates of five countries investigated. ‘Every country in our study areas of care where there other countries and regions other countries and areas where there can teach another is That telling us that is we opportunities to improve the healthcare quality in all five countries.

He United States done less in indicators as asthma mortality rate and survival after kidney and liver transplantation. The United States is the only country to at the asthma mortality rate have increased over the years, it are higher now than in the United Kingdom and Australia. The survival after kidney transplantation the U.S. been by 11 %age points lower than Canadian, the land at the highest rate.