Van Puymbroeck.

Van Puymbroeck, one of four researchers discussing TIA research at a news conference at the International Stroke Conference 2010 of the American Stroke Association, is teaming up with Bloomington Hospital, in Bloomington, to a possible post – TIA seek treatment. She said more research and treatment options are needed to help people who experience a TIA reduce their risk of stroke, which can be debilitating and deadly. – ‘This is a health issue, but it is also a political question,’said Van Puymbroeck, an assistant professor in the IU School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. ‘It must have better access to rehabilitation after TIA to prevent future attacks. ‘.

The study participants, age 44 to 85, began the program within a month of their TIA, participating in 1.5-hour sessions three times a week for six weeks. Van Puymbroeck said the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine both encourage aerobic activity all or most days of the week, working up to 60 minutes per day, as well as strength training for people who have high blood pressure or have had a stroke.‘We were from the substantial improvement the physical activity and use of bicycle helmets, seat belts and sunscreen Asian young people across the generations happy,’lead author Michele Allen, disc, ‘said , suggesting to to public health reached reaching of that population, ‘said Allen, the. Moment an investigator in the inequalities in health research program of from the University of of Minnesota.