UK Government spin on success of NHS cataract privatization criticizedPatricia Hewitt.

Patricia Hewitt announced recently, the Fabian Society that has the first wave of IS – TCs already brought the waiting times for cataract surgery to three months, a target reached four years earlier than promised. However, ophthalmic surgeon Simon Kelly stated that it is delivered, the National Health Service ophthalmology staff and not the IS – TCs, the improved performances in English cataract patients. The letter follows the recent Lancet editorial , which for the UK government program program of wide-ranging privatization of the NHS stopped until there is independent evidence of the effect of policy.

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[12] Jennings LCD, Monto AS, Chan PMI, Szucs T, Nicholson KG bearing flu vaccines: A key contributor to pandemic plans. The Lancet Infectious Diseases 8:650-658.

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