They have their limitations.

The AMA emphasized that mammography is the most reliable breast cancer screening tool now available for the general population, they have their limitations. AMA board member Patrice A. Said:.

Found Dutch researchers found that breast cancer screening saves a significant number of life, are also considered to improved treatments .EYLEA , also known as VEGF Trap – known is an complete human fusion protein comprising sharing VEGF receptors 1 and 2, 0.5mg forms of VEGF – A binds together with the related placental growth factor . EYLEA a specific and highly potent blocker of these growth factors. EYLEA has especially cleaned and provides iso-osmotic buffer concentrations, so that. For injection to the eye.

In the U.S. Regeneron are put a BLA for marketing approval in the wet AMD in the U.S. February 2011 and received a Priority Review designation. Sub priority review status , the target dates of a decision of the FDA about the BLA EYLEA the twentieth August 2011. 1 and 2 The positive recommendations of the Consultative Committee is an important step toward providing patients with wet AMD a new treatment option to reducing could possibly be the burden that are with current therapies, said George D. Yancopoulos, president of of Regeneron Research Laboratories. We look forward to working with FDA to cooperate, as is his assessment of EYLEA BLA is completed.