They can safely preserve the internal mammary artery.

They can attach the blood supply of the eliminated abdominal tissue to the chest wall structure by linking it to the internal mammary artery, usually with an end-to-end anastomosis in which most of the internal mammary artery is lower away and the new tissue is mounted on its base. However, the inner mammary artery is normally the first choice of cardiac surgeons if they have to bypass diseased or broken arteries that nourish the heart, and its unavailability would leave sufferers with poorer choices in such instances. With a breast-reconstruction technique known as end-to-side anastomosis, a surgeon links the stump of the stomach artery within the transplanted abdominal cells to the side of the existing inner mammary artery, eliminating the necessity to prune back again the mammary artery.By Philip M Hanno MD, MPH Reference: Pharmacogenomics 7:521-528, 2006 Demitrack MA UroToday – the only urology website with original content written by global urology crucial opinion leaders actively engaged in clinical practice.

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