The two students working on this project click here.

The two students working on this project, in his laboratory in his laboratory and Roderick Pernites Ramakrishna Ponnapati click here . Pernites, the completion of his PhD thesis in this semester, recently received the ACS Best Poster Award at the colloids division and currently has eight publications in Advincula the group. Ponnapati who studied under his doctorate received his doctorate in 2009, is now a postdoctoral researcher in the UH department of chemical and biomolecular engineering and previously received a Best Student Award of the Society of Plastic Engineers chapter in Houston.

In a two-stage on the efforts a provisional patent application was filed Advincula team prepared the polymeric materials, and then constructed an apparatus is based as a sensor. The work is based on what he concept ‘the artificial receptor. With metals similar to an enzyme functioning as a biochemical catalyst within a cell, such as an antibody to bind with specific molecules a certain effect a certain effect in the cell. The elements in Advincula work concerned, however, with metals and plastics, and molecular imprinted. Polymers , a concept for the production of plastic used antibodies called These polymers show a certain chemical affinity of the original molecule and can be used to create sensors produce.

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