The symptoms are high fever for four days or so.

The symptoms are high fever for four days or so, temperature as high as 41 degrees C, runny nose, tired and find it painful because of a because of a swollen neck.

If they analyze the virus they found it was a close genetic match to one nearly 20 years ago almost 20 years ago found in bats in Pulau Tioman, one of the many volcanic islands off the east coast of Malaysia. Said Drf they tested 109 volunteers on the island, they found 14 of them were both the Pulau Melaka viruses, said Dr. Kaw Bing. The man from Melaka and his family have a full recovery.Click here to learn more about Zoonotic viruses .Order to create the soy chicken, Hsieh start with a soya protein extract from soymeal. Soy then proceeds by a extrusion cooking process can A method water, heat and water, heat and press the pressing the mixture through a barrel with two screws. ‘This is particular soybean compensation is different because we having a higher moisture content, to the working up to 75 %, ‘Hsieh said. ‘The high moisture content it what which send soybeans seen a very similar texture has. Combined with appearance ‘.