The research is in the Prospective Population Study of Women in Gothenburg drugs com.

The research is in the Prospective Population Study of Women in Gothenburg, at the end of at the end of the 1960s, when nearly 1,500 women aged 38 to 60 underwent comprehensive examinations and answered questions about their health and lifestyle drugs com .

Nearly 1,500 middle increases the risk of dementiawomen to store fat on their waist are middle-aged to develop more than twice as likely live with dementia when they get older, a new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy.The study was just published in the journal Neurology. ‘Who wears a lot of fat around the middle is a higher risk of dying prematurely due to a heart attack or stroke,’says Deborah Gustafson, senior lecturer at the Sahlgrenska Academy. ‘If they succeed yet to 70, 70, they run a greater risk of dementia. ‘.

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‘in New legislation employers shall compel, workers employees the health and assurance loopholes that loopholes delaying she or avoiding speaking with employees about undissolved OHS question can not remove. ‘There of the legislation, without a, could not to employee concerns to respond to the needs of employees which is to be in an insecure environment groups ”to change, the jobs could safer a panic button , safe parking spaces, alternate output and a safe, drug and Expertise to be kept ‘found in for patient, she said. It is also essential that nurses tell incidents to their employers and the police ”Many times you will notice that nurses remain muted because they put to care of patients in front of him -. Would should do not to be a part on each workstation, ‘brass Kearney said. Happen that you force drug and alcohol Video spillage off the streets and in out our emergency rooms and hospital you find a growing number of individuals who think they can seem with a violent and aggressive conduct towards nursing staff who will be care for them, unfortunately, employer must with employees on how environments safer, but do not naturally occurring, consult, ‘Ms. Kearney said.

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This will be on 9 to Safe Work Australia, sign signed through the Prime Work Finalize December begins. ‘nurse simply want worry their patients and they only be do not below under physical or verbal the employer trying to do their job. Employers to implement changes nurses and implement changes, as safely as possible, ‘she said.