The overall polyp detection rate in the study was 48.

Ramirez, one of the Mayo investigators.. The overall polyp detection rate in the study was 48.8 % and the adenoma detection rate was 30.9 %, the researchers themselves. The mean polyp per patient and the middle adenomas per patient , and found that the ratio of amounts of adenomas polyps detected gradually decreases from the appendix, one anatomical landmark at the upper end of the colon, the rectum. The proximal colon , had a significantly higher adenoma detection rate and higher mean adenoma per patient compared with findings from the colonoscopy in the distal colon. Polyp – related indicators can not be generalized for the entire colon, as is being shown there are differences between the various colonic segments. Law and the proximal colon particularly when on the left colon compared to, said Dr.

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