The Missing Link in Health Reform

The Missing Link in Health Reform, AustraliaAMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, said today that the government is is not hospital reforms be fully effective if all governments work together, 870 new public hospital beds and the staff and resources to supply required to operate it . Said the AMA had carefully examined the government policy announcements, as well as the alternative proposal Victorian Government and the biggest thing missing is the assurance hospital beds. – ‘The incentives the government offered to the waiting times will be reduced in the emergency department and elective surgery only work if hospital capacity is significantly expanded.

Neither the federal government nor the Victorian Government for this important part of the hospital reform puzzle is committed. Third AMA has its inventory updated on hospital capacity and calculates an immediate need for 3,870 new public hospital beds to a This is a mix of acute, sub-acute, intensive care and other public hospital beds, the details in consultation with physicians, in the system in the system at each site. These revised figures are based on advice and feedback from clinicians on the ground in every state and territory of the base.

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