The CR-1 Mark II comes with Retinal Image Control Software.

The CR-1 Mark II comes with Retinal Image Control Software, facilitating comprehensive study management and image capture control of the operator’s finger tips through a simple graphical user interface. The PC – based software provides quick input and access to all information and images are necessary to assist in the diagnosis, and easily saved easily saved to various external media. The DICOM Standard – compliant interface enables easy integration with select PACS and HIS network configurations*.

When connected to a Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera , which mounted up to 15.1 million pixels resolution, the CR-1 Mark II is capable of clear and detailed diagnostic images for virtually immediate review. The low flash intensity of the CR-1 Mark II minimizes pupil contraction thus shortening the time required for taking multiple pictures such as binocular and stereo images. ‘.. The CR-1 Mark II can help an extremely detailed, high-resolution diagnostic images of the retina and enables a full 45-degree viewing angle, Optometrists opticians and monitor eye diseases.The study demonstrated that the parents of tend to use inappropriate behavior of hypoglycaemia hypoglycaemia when the child use diabetic control their diabetes a had an insulin. A worrying time.

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