The clinical study in Aryx the poster presentation referenced is a multicenter.

Genetic testing for the CYP2C9 and VKORC1 polymorphisms Pre – in all patients. For the maintenance phase, the mean age patients was within the target INR time in therapeutic range was 71.5 and 59.3 percent for ATI-5923 and 2 respectively warfarin percent absolute difference, patients with the AA haplotype VKOR require less maintenance doses than VKOR GA or GG haplotype were treated with ATI-5923, showed a 16 percent improving the TTR compared to warfarin treatment, while patients with wild-type CYP2C9 genotype showed a 11 percent improvement in TTR, while compared treated with ATI-5923 to warfarin treatment..

ATI-5923, ATI-5900 , infarin and S-warfarin concentrations collected collected AUC, Tmax and T1 / 2) in serial plasma samples over a period of seven days and the PK parameters determined. On day seven, subjects FCZ FCZ for 14 days, and on day 21, subjects received a second dose of either warfarin or ATI 5923rd FCZ co-administration for 7 days for 7 days and the PK study was repeated.. About the Clinical Trialsin the PK study in the oral presentation Aryx referenced, two groups or ATI get-5923 .The Agency shall lay Bariatric group with BMI 30 or more and obesity with a BMI under this but does not few as 27th BMI stands for Body Mass Index, and the same weight of in kg sharing by squaring height in meters.