The American Association for Cancer Research appreciates the U.

The researchers are grateful for the remarkable dedication and altruism of the volunteers participating in the Rush Memory and Aging percent.

The effect was evident in the different types of cognitive abilities, but was most evident for semantic memory, which is the repository of knowledge about the world and fundamentally unique human cognitive processes such as language involved. The results were unchanged after. Controlling for cognitive, physical and social activities, depressive symptoms, or number of chronic diseases is identifying factors associated with the ability to tolerate the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease has important implications for prevention, said Bennett. Previous studies suggest one factor is education. Now we know that healthy and frequent interactions with friends and family have a positive impact as well. .The American Association for Cancer Research appreciates the U.S. Agency of the Surgeon General for his continuous focus on tobacco, one of pressing public health themes of our time. The Surgeon General today table a new report, What Tobacco Smoke cause diseases that the details which scientific evidence on how smoking causes cancer and many other diseases.

This new report from, the Surgeon General the 30 one in tobacco, will the end of a year, to significant anti-tobacco measures. Saw federal , the AACR welcomes these joint efforts calls for continued the German Federal. Adopt measures for the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Congress and seek other relevant measures to reduction of tobacco consumption , including the development of health plan cap on good smoking cessation and to the create a prevention Trust the funding the funding of tobacco control and cessation programs at that 2010 financial year.