Since 1972

Since 1972 .of the molecular mechanism shows potential future Cancer Therapyresearchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have discovered that a natural product from a traditional Chinese medicinal plant commonly known as thunder god vine, or lei gong Teng, isolated, and for hundreds of years to treat many conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis works by blocking gene control machinery in the cell. The report, which was published as the cover story of the March issue of Nature Chemical Biology suggests that the natural product could be a starting point for the development new cancer drugs. Extracts of this medicinal plant have been used a variety of a number of diseases and was highly praised for anti – inflammatory, immunosuppressive, contraceptive and antitumor activities, says Jun O. Professor of pharmacology and molecular sciences at Johns Hopkins. We’ve known about the active compound, triptolide, and that it stops cell growth, since 1972., But now we have found out what it does .

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Although the team observations to the signaling roller in the fruit flies nucleus communications were limited, is very similar in the same cable also actively to humans and mice. If may communications on JAK / STAT pathway misfire, illnesses like cancer be the result, he said. – evolutionary, germ cells one of the oldest cell types on by any type of animal are required, Van Doren said. Your development of Programme is very similar, that we speak fruit fly or human. As the result, these findings could eventually help to understand each and treated defects germ cell development to cause human sterility and diseases. .