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U.S., Iceland top set of countries doling away most antidepressants As for which countries have the highest rates of antidepressant prescriptions, Iceland tops the list with 105.8 doses each day being prescribed for every 1,000 citizens. Behind it is Australia with 88.9 doses per 1,000 citizens, and Canada with 85.9 doses per 1,000 citizens. And the U.S., which for some reason was not contained in the survey, is actually right up there with Iceland at a lot more than 100 dosages per 1,000 citizens. Antidepressants are widely oversubscribed to get rid of unhappiness, says Professor Tim Cantopher, a consultant psychiatrist with the Priory Group in the U.K.You could try and buy chinese herbal medicine online and see the total results. One in all the benefits is usually that Chinese flavoring medications are used and created for a large number of years. This is terribly encouraging since the prevalence of errors whereas mistreatment them is kind of rare once the proper techniques square measure followed. Another advantage of chinese herb medicine is normally that they want energizing life and properties prolonging properties.