Results from the Goshen study area at the meeting at the meeting.

Results from the Goshen study area at the meeting at the meeting. Eleven patients, including 9 before systemic therapy were predominantly with gemcitabine regimens and 2 patients receiving chemotherapy na? Ve have received at this cancer center enrolled. In all patients before the therapy showed imaging with 111In hPAM4 acceptable distribution within the body and the radiation dose of the pancreas. 90Y – hPAM4 was at 15 mCi / m , 20 mCi / m administered or 25 mCi / m . One patient enrolled in the clinical study at this point showed shrinkage of the liver lesion.

About hPAM4 – is a humanized monoclonal antibody hPAM4 expressing an epitope in the MUC1 antigen in most pancreatic cancer, but not pancreatitis, normal pancreas or most other normal tissues. Preclinical studies with PAM4 the radioisotope yttrium-90 labeled, shown favorable tumor responses, which could be further enhanced if they. In combination with gemcitabine – About Pancreatic Cancer.Has ASHP Harvey Cat. Whitney Lecture Award, manages from the by the Southeastern Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1963. Harvey AK Whitney, ASHP the first president of , was an editor, educator, practitioner and leader in hospital pharmacy. Nominations for an award will be member from past recipients and ASHP. The winner will majority majority of the recent laureates.

Hepler will receive the award on 8th June during ASHP Summer Meeting in Tampa,Institute of Psychiatry,sychiatric Research celebrates its 50th Anniversary of2011 marks the 50th Anniversary of Journal of Psychiatric Research, the premier, the leading publisher of medical, scientific and technological info products and services for. – We feel privileged to be in a position as the current Co – Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Psychiatric Research are, commented Florian Holsboer, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany, and by Alan R.