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Physician physician to 5.1 percent to 5 more info .1 percent, increasing some outpatient care prices in 2007, CMS announcedComments McClellan said: We have to get out of the vicious cycle of rapid growth in the use and expenditure and falling real payment rates, and added . Before I am very happy with our current system, I do not believe that it sustainably (Wall Street Journal, Donald Marron, acting director of the Congressional Budget Office, there are clear indications that a reduction in tariffs physicians will to the volume and intensity of the service they perform to increase. He added that some doctors are probably the continued reducing tariffs by declines in the Medicare to participate respond (New York Times, Cecil Wilson, president of the American Board of Trustees Board of Trustees, said, seniors who stuck on Medicare and the physicians care for them to care for them are wondering if the year erodes 2007 Access to care, as we wait for Congress campaign be to the stop Medicare payment sections. Is necessary could reduce payments for imaging services in medical practices harm beneficiaries get an accurate diagnosis get an accurate diagnosis, he added. It is important to look not only at increasing the usage of such services, but their ability to patients results results, , the use of, the use of CT scans and MRI and deliver to stage various types of cancer (AP / San Francisco Chronicle.

Hospitals McClellan announced a proposed rule that would increase Medicare reimbursements for outpatient services by 3 percent for hospitals, the quality of care measures report to the government Medicare. Reimbursement for outpatient services in hospitals by almost 12 percent in 2006, and the payments are expected to increase 9.2 percent in 2007, said McClellan. He said hospitals must provide the government with more information about the services they provide to beneficiaries, since there is no clear evidence that increased treatments lead to better care were obtained. CMS comments comments on the proposals for 60 days, the AP / San Francisco Chronicle reports (AP / San Francisco Chronicle.

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We are pleased learn that the Chancellor will implementation of the recommendations of the Cooksey review of medical research. We are waiting for in detail to the financial increases to medical research, rather welcome the commitment to form a combined funds? 2010-11.

On ‘In sharp contrast, when the the NHS had past a significant injection of cash many NHS Trust predict a financial surplus for this year. Which should the the NHS, for output more cash for improving patient certainty services, rather than debts debt. ‘The level of the growth are likely to extreme NHS on the foundation the new contracts to NHS employees building and take advantage in order to fulfill their potential, rather than the attack on the workforce and tried to separate them. ‘We should cautious against using call the independent sector raise NHS capacity. It would be a grave mistake NHS resource been back to expensive and poor values of the private sector offers, adopt measures profits will often rated greater as a patients wastes. Excessive use of private sectors in the delivery of NHS maintenance will fragment worry to patients, the existence many district public hospitals and risks threatens the destruction of proven and reliable model of of the UK General Practice. ‘The government has stated its wish to major clinical engagement in NHS and we to be looking for constructive dialogue with the Government of, and on all levels within the NHS to make the doctors have freedom for innovation and further develop their ,, approach based on clinical evidence will the truly benefit patients.