PhD student Jenny Jones and Research Fellow Mariyana Schoultz.

Nurses experiencing high levels of work stress and are at risk of stress-related illness at any time up to four % of registered nurses and up to six % of health care assistant you will work with stress or stress-related illness.. The student nurses have guided meditations and a diary of her own workout at home as part of the research.And mindfulness meditation is a technique that can be learned and help you to relax and individuals better with stressful situations.PhD student Jenny Jones and Research Fellow Mariyana Schoultz, based on the Highland campus in Inverness, to conduct the study with Professor Stephen Leslie, a consultant cardiologist at Raigmore Hospital and Professor Angus Watson. Researcher Jenny Jones said: Hospitals can in.

According to the Seattle Times, ‘the five applications Google SMS Search technology and MTN telecom network This includes Farmer ‘s Friend, a searchable database with agricultural advice and weather forecasts, health advice paired with sexual and reproductive health information to make Clinic near clinics identify,. And Google Trader the buyers and sellers of agricultural products, merchandise and other products fits ‘content provided by local partners, the newspaper said.This research was funded by both Celgene Corporation and the National Institute of Health.

Soon as the database has been created, reliably algorithms have been suitable for children, ie digitalized signals or the electrocardiograms registered by the computers processes and a plurality of of parameters as analyzes, for example, frequency of electrical signals, their morphology, their spectra and the most important time / frequency parameters. Depending on the all these parameters, cause the scientists a classification of the signals, so that be whether it will be a life-threatening heart frequency.