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Haldar et al: A Conditional Mouse Model of Synovial sarcoma: insights into a Myogenic Origin Publishing in Cancer Cell 11, 375-388, April 2007.

We reduced the price for Viramune for continuous treatment of AIDS by 90 % and allow generic manufacturers by not assert declarations free-of-charge to produce and supply our patented drug in developing countries. As we continue to to invest in the future of HIV drugs. S treatment may not be the right response to the mutant virus by tomorrow. More intense research is the only solution for this devastating disease, said Dr Alessandro Banchi, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Boehringer Ingelheim.. The shipping of the one millionth mother-child pair supply of donated Viramune shows once again Boehringer Ingelheim commitment to developing world.Virion system is a Maryland Biotechnology Corporation to prevent and treatment of infectious , especially those in which focus infants and children Its core technology the use the cotton rat as the animal model the human infectious diseases VSI results contractual research on academic and commercial groups to the use of Baumwolle rat genome substance P shown to permissive for a wide range of human viruses, bacteria, rickettsiae , and parasitic pathogens, including influenza virus center .

Over Immune rain BioSciences,IR BioSciences Holdings, by its wholly owned subsidiary Immune rainy BioSciences is a development, biotechnology companies on researching and developing on Homspera and its derivatives concentrated Radilex and Viprovex that are designed to serve as countermeasures for a plurality of Homeland Security bioterrorism threats to are employed. Homspera is derived from the substance P, a naturally-occurring peptide immune modulator and homeostatic connection with the dual effect of improving the pulmonary function and stimulation of the human immune system.