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Content about Enox Biopharma’s self-sterilizing technology for catheters accepted for publication A prestigious peer-review journal will publish an article in its January 2010 edition outlining a Vancouver BC based biomedical technology company’s solution to the developing problem of hospital individuals acquiring bacterial infections. The article about Enox Biopharma’s self-sterilizing technology for catheters was recognized for publication in Antimicrobial Brokers and Chemotherapy, a journal of the American Culture for Microbiology and probably the most prominent publications in the field. Professor Yossef Av-Gay and his team demonstrated the power of Enox’s Foley gaseous nitric oxide-impregnated catheters to avoid common bacterial attacks more mebeverine.org .


Medical Research Revealed will end up being on display at the Oxford University Museum of Normal Background until 30th July 2004.. A former post-doctoral researcher in the Section of Biochemistry, Dr Burns was commissioned by the Medical Analysis Council to produce a series of paintings inspired by the scientific work that it funds. The exhibition includes artwork influenced by the ongoing function of Oxford experts including DNA chip technology, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, imaging of the living brain and a possible HIV vaccine. Related StoriesChanges in cellular metabolites regulate earliest phases of embryonic stem cell developmentPresence of connexin proteins suppresses principal tumor growthLack of adequate sleep can hinder fundamental cellular processDr Burns’ goal is usually to bridge what she sees as a widening gap between scientists and non-scientists.