Monitor and treat cancer.

Cancer Study UK and CRT select 4 research groups to unravel role of cancer stem cells Cancer Research UK and its commercial arm Cancer Research Technology , established a group of scientists with expertise in malignancy stem cell study to recognize new targets to detect, monitor and treat cancer . The charity has hand-picked four top notch research groupings to collaborate on an initial two-year research project to unravel the role of cancer stem cells in the development, growth and spread of tumours in breast, prostate and head and neck cancers.

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What’s more, rats given the cancer-fighting drug spontaneously consumed less alcoholic beverages when it was freely available to them. Their taste for another rewarding beverage – – sugar drinking water – – was unaffected. ‘This is an extremely powerful exemplory case of how simple model organisms – – and the tiny fruit fly in particular – – can be used to move quickly from an unknown gene to a potential therapy for medication addiction,’ said Ulrike Heberlein of the University of California, San Francisco, noting that gefitinib and erlotinib, along with other EGFR inhibitors, not merely cross the blood-brain barrier in humans, but they are well-tolerated in general also.