Lin study with the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy.

In Dr. Lin – study with the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy , five retired professional male athletes from football, wrestling and boxing with suspected CTE and five years, and the size of the matched control subjects aged 32 to 55 carried out with were MRS examined. Sometimes be used as a virtual biopsy , a strong magnetic field and radio waves, in order to extract information on the chemical compounds within the body, called with a clinical MR scanner.

The results showed that in comparison with the brains of control patients, the brains of the former athletes with suspected CTE had levels of choline, a cell membrane nutrient that signals the presence of damaged tissue, and glutamate / glutamine or Glx increased. MRS also revealed altered levels of gamma – aminobutyric acid , aspartate and glutamate in the brains of former athletes. – ‘As we identify ourselves neurochemicals that may play a role in CTE has this study helped our understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease,’ said..Other Partners researchers have discovered that said body has louse also the least. Detoxification enzymes detoxification enzymes observes in every insect, John Clark on the University of Massachusetts Amherst , and silicon Hyeock Lee, National University National University leading this part of the analysis.