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Opposition growing a growing opposition to fund organizations that needle – exchange programs to reduce the spread of HIV among drug users will advocate for some of the Bush administration and Republican legislators, Inter Press Service reports form. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that some Republicans in Congress worked to federal agents go out to groups groups, with Reps the same dose . Mark Souder and Tom Davis has a leading role. Sam Brownback last month in a memo to his political allies on a strategy seeking a ban USAID grants go to all organizations which does not fully support President Bush’s views on issues, including drug use. USAID policy already banned go federal funds from, the needle – exchange efforts (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report, Mike Trace, director of the not-for-profit international drug policy Consortium and former Deputy Director of the UK drug policy, the United States tried to way their donations to UN drug projects are issued that affect Scotsman reports. Of Health, Press Release.

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California Sen. Carole Migden using recent a bill that allow HIV-positive men reproductive services, including artificial insemination and would in – vitro fertilization, under certain guidelines, to media reports news / San Jose Mercury News. The state in 1989 began banning HIV-positive people in sperm donations, blood or tissue in a bid halt the spread of the virus. The law with HIV HIV-positive men in of reproductive benefits, the risk of the risk of passing HIV to their partners, who media report news / Mercury News. A technique called Sperma Wash that are used to can be remedy signs of HIV in semen, is often until artificial insemination or IVF for all age an HIV-positive man . The draft legislation it would couple HIV positive HIV-positive men belonging to reproductive services the following guidelines: the HIV-positive dispenser spermatozoa being processed the risk of the risk transmission of HIV, was held provided information mutual consent, and of the American Society Reproductive Medicine recognizes the sperm processing procedure, to California Chronicle reported (California Chronicle, California is one of two non – states in which Family can with an HIV positive people reproductive health services, Deborah said Cohan Medical Director of Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Centre. It added that many of these Couples trying through sexual intercourse, for HIV transmission of HIV transmission are women and may be the infant. The infant. Of the 3,800 reported cases outside California in which couples HIV a HIV-positive Men reproductive health care, no cases of using transmission have been report, to Cohan (MediaNews / San Jose Mercury News, All families should be given access to the tools that reproductive science to offer, Migden said in a statement, Y In this case, Californian law to catch up with technology need , whether accidentally or not, it is discriminated against against HIV – positive men (California Chronicle.