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America vanishing right before your very eyes – see shocking video compilation of the fast decline A new video compilation posted by a YouTube user is definitely a stunning portrayal of precisely how endangered American principles of freedom and liberty have grown to be, from the over-militarization of regional and federal government police and law enforcement companies to a raft of fresh regulations essentially legalizing substantial authorities surveillance in the Digital Age, in the true name of national protection malegra 120 . The video begins with documentation of heavily armed law enforcement in riot equipment and body armor assembling to mass-arrest Ohio State fans January 13, as they celebrated the school’s football team winning the college National Championship.

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‘Based on our survey outcomes, any combination of several two-amendment changes to the present legislation would yield plurality or majority support, suggesting broad support might yet be performed.’ The study reported that while a majority of adults – nearly 60 % – oppose the proposed expenses, and another 14 % remain undecided, Us citizens say they might be more likely to support a healthcare costs which includes a combined mix of certain amendments. ‘According to the data, if the draft legislation had been to add amendments phoning for malpractice reform, the elimination of a person mandate and the addition of a public option, our survey implies that support strengthens – increasing from only 27 % to 57 %,’ Casscells said.