Heres a link to the article.

Here’s a link to the article, Dr. Greenfield is known regarding female college students having unprotected sex and less depression risk: – ‘Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties ‘ G. Gordon Rebecca L. Burch , and Steven M. Platek Archives of Sexual Behavior – Volume 31, Number 3, 289-293.

Mentioned in his article, Greenfield, a study that students who did not ask their partners to use condoms, However, sexual activity was protected as less depressed than women who have sex designates. He also described semen as something that enhances the mood. He went on to say that the bond between men and women is lower realized St. Valentine. And it is a better gift for that day than chocolates. Broadly speaking – he beat that could seed a better Valentine’s Day gift than chocolate, which make also sometimes referred to as mood enhancers.HOPDs. CY 2011 is first year which renewed ASC pay systems Show Prices fully implemented on the ASC default installment settings based. CMS projects total of Medicare totaling approximately $ 39000000000 about HOPDs and $ 4bn ASCs for CY 2011th.