Hedges thinks the Barbados snake may be at or near the minimum possible size for snakes uten resept.

Hedges thinks the Barbados snake may be at or near the minimum possible size for snakes, though for for sure that no smaller species it can – several other snake species are nearly as small uten resept . While it is possible that a smaller type consists finding such an animal is unlikely. ‘Snakes can through natural selection of too small, be prevented under a certain size, there can be nothing to eat for their young,’said Hedges, adding that the Barbados snake, like the other, to which it relates, probably mainly feeds on the larvae of ants and termites.

After hedges, tend the smallest and largest species of animals on islands, where species can ecological niches time to ecological niches in habitats, Theseccupied by other organisms are to be found to fill. These empty niches exist because some types of organisms, by chance, it never to the islands. Develop, for example, if a species of millipedes is missing from an island, could a snake in a very small species of the missing centipede fill ecological niche.


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