Full-term full-term babies.

More than 500 slightly premature infants have a higher risk of death in first week of life – born babies only a few weeks too early six times to die frequently during their first weeks of life, full-term full-term babies, according to an analysis in the Journal of Pediatrics.

We have known from previous studies that late preterm infants have at higher risk for certain problems, such as respiratory distress syndrome , feeding difficulties, instability , jaundice and brain development, now we have the proof that there is an greater risk of death for these babies, said Dr. Jennifer L. President of March of Dimes Foundation. November is Prematurity Awareness Day, a time for Americans to recognize the growing crisis of premature birth, and set a chance for the March of Dimes forward programs to address this national problem..Full fledged and insulin resistanceIn humans with insulin resistance or full-fledged diabetic, an inability to keep blood sugar levels under control, is not the only obstacle is far. A new report by in of the May issue of Cell Metabolism an Cell Press publication of illustrates that our arteries are suffering the effects of insulin resistance, just for quite different reasons. – ‘We are excited about insulin resistance in the liver, muscle and fat to think, but insulin also acts on vascular cells of,’said Christian Rask – Madsen of the to Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.