Founder of and ARVO being is a membership organization out of more than 11.

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This year, on the 6th were the results of Prof. Oliver Br stle, Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology, University of Bonn, Germany, presented a lot of interest. It was clear evidence for the morphological and functional integration into the host society, brain tissue of neural progenitor cells from embryonic stem cells from embryonic stem . In this way, Br? Stle convincingly demonstrated the potential of such ES-derived neural progenitor cells in cell cultures and animal models.. This message is from the 6th European Congress on Epileptology in Vienna, AustriaThe research on epilepsy often leads to interesting results about the basic mechanisms of brain function. The European Congress on Epileptology , one of the largest specialized medical congresses in Europe, provides a regular forum to discuss these scientific advances.####In 1928, founder of and ARVO being is a membership organization out of more than 11,500 eye and vision explorer from over 70 countries. The organization promotes and supports its members and other into research, training, publication of and knowledge diffusion in vision and ophthalmic. ARVO headquartered in in Rockville, is located For more information on ARVO, logon to the Association of the web site.

Effingham has Warrior Prof. For Pediatric ophthalmic and Director of the warriors Children’s Eye Center at at Johns Hopkins ‘ Wilmer Eye Institute Baltimore, over 11.500 medical degree from from Harvard Medical School and completed his residency development in the the ophthalmic at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. It is the recipients of research on to prevent blindness of Senior Scientific Investigator Award , and the Alcon Research Institute Award. Guyton is the member of ARVO since 1977 and served on the unification of Trustees of 1991 to 1997. From 1995 to 1996 he had president of ARVO.