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Snabes continued. This is very good information for BioSante and for ladies since LibiGel continues to be the lead pharmaceutical item in the U.S. In active advancement for the treatment of hypoactive libido disorder in surgically menopausal ladies. We continue steadily to believe that LibiGel could possibly be the first product authorized by the FDA because of this unmet and common medical want, also referred to as woman sexual dysfunction . An NDA could be submitted and examined by FDA, leading to approval possibly of LibiGel, at that right time. After NDA submission and potential authorization of LibiGel, BioSante will continue steadily to follow the women signed up for the study for yet another four years.Over one million Americans and 33 million individuals worldwide are estimated to end up being living with HIV.. Arthritis medication caution advised by New Zealand experts A specialist New Zealand committee reviewing the protection of several arthritis medications called COX-2 inhibitors has reinforced UK guidance cautioning against their routine use where safe and effective alternatives can be found. The Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee is advising individuals who are employing Celebrex, Arcoxia, Mobic and Bextra they should talk to their health care provider about alternatives if indeed they have concerns. The Medicines EFFECTS Committee has discussed a rapid literature review of the chance useful of COX 2 inhibitor medicine causing increased threat of cardiovascular events .