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We can thus reduce consequential damage and the risk of secondary malignancies. ‘. Source: Dr.. Stefan Pfister and his research group ‘Molecular Genetics of Pediatric Brain Tumors ‘first described the new tumor marker in medulloblastoma in 2007. For the current study, he examined tumor samples from 340 patients and compared the documented course of disease with genetic aberrations in the tumor DNA. Aberrations were seen at the chromosome level the units in which all the genetic information distributed and contained. Each chromosome contains large amounts of genetic information, the total genetic material of people in such sections 23, each of which is is normally present in two copies are distributed. Stefan Pfister discovered when entire segments of chromosomes number 6 and 17 in three copies of brain tumors in the genome, the prognosis is poor.

Copies) Patients with a poor prognosis can be treated intensively.. Medulloblastoma is the most common brain tumorsThe common malignant brain tumor in childhood is the medulloblastoma – every year, 100 children 100 children develop in Germany this tumor of the cerebellum and some 30-40 children. The first symptoms usually appear at primary school age, to therapy andwhich can already arise during embryonic development , can in infants and young in infants and young children. Aggressive radiation and chemotherapy after surgery cause permanent damage to the brain of the growing child, for example, what the coordination disorders and limited growth.Co-authors of the paper are Helena Gracheva, Ann Burdina, Martine Berthelot – Grosjean and Brian Ackley of the UIC, Robby Weimer of Coldstream Harbor Laboratory, Andrea Holgado of Loyola University Chicago and Gayla Hadwiger and Michael Nonet the Washington University in pcs.

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