Flip The Switch between development and aging in C http://vardenafilsverige.com/resencioner.html.

– Flip The Switch between development and aging in C http://vardenafilsverige.com/resencioner.html . ElegansWhen researchers at the Buck Institute dialed back activity of a specific mRNA translation factor in adult nematode worms they saw an unexpected genome-wide response that effectively increased activity in certain stress response genes that might help explain why the worms lived 40 % more in this condition. The study, in the sixth raises issue 2011 Cell Metabolism, the importance of mRNA translation in the aging process. Transcribed mRNA translation is based on the genetic messages into cells, where the coded message actually translated actually translated into functional proteins.

‘This study gives us a much broader picture of the aging process,’said Buck faculty Pankaj Kapahi, the principle investigator of of the study. ‘Our work can contribute to the relationship between development and aging. ‘ – scientists have identified a number of so-called ‘longevity’genes active in many species. However, the mechanisms with which these genes affect lifespan remain poorly understood. According Kapahi the majority of research on the genes in the transcription, the first level of cell activity wherein DNA produces RNA. This research focuses on the translation, where RNA is the production of proteins.

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