Five-year grant.

There are funds available for advanced graduate students and junior faculty at both institutions to participate in research collaborations, along with money for faculty and student exchanges via mini-sabbaticals. Lurie will lead Dark brown's participation. Chris Colvin, Senior Research Officer in Sociable Sciences and HIV/Helps, TB and STIs, is the partnership's co-leader at the Centre for Infectious Disease Analysis and Epidemiology at the University of Cape City.. Brown, University of Cape Town partner to create next generation of HIV interpersonal science in South Africa The public health schools at Brown University and the University of Cape Town have released a fresh research and training partnership to create another generation of HIV social science in South Africa.The rapidly changing style trends have got adequately influenced our hairstyles. Women love having locks lengthening from shoulder to waste materials. Having long locks requires considerable treatment and maintenance. Hair care varies depending on your locks type and length. In this fashionable period, people from all age ranges and classes including superstars, housewives, professionals and learners appearance more conscious about their locks. They color, curl and straighten their hair in order to look more attractive. Furthermore, they add coloring locks with their style.