Emergency contraception.

Arnold Schwarzenegger , which position on the proposal position on the proposal is, some pharmacists ‘ address objections to dispensing prescriptions for emergency contraception. The measure would require that a pharmacist who inform for filling any medication his employer opposition in writing on the , and the employer would have a ‘reasonable accommodation’for the pharmacist is opposed making. If another pharmacist is not available to fill a patient’s prescription, would have the Pharmacy a pharmacy a pharmacy that to be refer obtain the drugs would quickly dispense. Patient Oritz said, respecting the measure ‘the rights of those who have the moral, religious or ethical objections to dispensing contraceptives, but at the same time, ensure that the exercise of those beliefs with with a woman’s right to receive immediate emergency contraceptives or other legal drugs ‘ on Wednesday said the law would still oblige pharmacists violate their moral or religious beliefs in order to keep their jobs.

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Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. ARV The U.S. Embassy in Vietnam on Tuesday well known that a military hospital in Hanoi, Vietnamese, the program this week that HIV-positive people starting providing access to no-cost drugs by Presidents Emergency plan for AIDS Relief financing of, VNA / Viet Nam Net jumper reviews. The field hospital is the first the country to PEPFAR Finance for the efforts the treatment of HIV / AIDS in the Vietnamese Defense health care network, which improve the U.S.