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See the complete 2008 Annual Report.PROVENGE Cancer Vaccine Heralds New Dawn in cancersurvive with the message from Dendreon Corporation announced yesterday at the annual meeting in Chicago of the American Urological Association that its investigational active cellular immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer, PROVENGE , extended the patients was 4.1 months, and 3 – year survival rate of 38 % compared to placebo, was in the field of tumor immunology is a significant leap forward the the first active cellular immunotherapy in a phase III study for the benefit patients demonstrated taken moves closer to FDA approval.

Medicare beneficiaries most of their most of their care in Geisinger Health System which community community training areas in central and northeastern Pennsylvania, experience enhanced the quality of care at a lower cost to the Germany Medicare program about Medicare beneficiaries get their than nursing in the same geographical region of other providers.

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