Doctors voted to the American Medical Association Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Through SCHIP, the federal-state program, the children currently for the medical care of more than six million low-income strengthening. The AMA has reauthorization reauthorization of SCHIP and advocate for adequate funding for the program. Which expires in September, it is expected that Congress will be replaced in the coming months. ‘Doctors see the benefits of the SCHIP program firsthand: parents who work hard, health insurance health insurance are able to, in a position to their children the care they healthy and strong healthy pediatrician strong ‘said Samantha Rosman, MD AMA Board and pediatrician. Uninsured Congress needs a way for the millions of children find the SCHIP program to pay including many who including many who are currently eligible but not enrolled,’said Dr.

The AMA weighed on ways to improve enrollment, allowing the use of enrollment information from the federal school lunch assistant program as documentation for SCHIP.The AMA recently more than 60 other health care organizations to send a letter to Congress supporting an increase in the tobacco tax to fund SCHIP. A recent survey shows that two thirds of Americans tobacco tax increase tobacco tax increase children’s health Care Fund.The %age of children born in at lower birth weight grew from 7.8 2002 to 7.9 in 2003. The report showed particular in that of underweight of underweight infant slowly and steadily Date 1984, when they been increased 6.7 %. Low birth weights babies are the ones weighing is less than 2,500 grams and 5 pounds 8 oz low birth weight infancy were born results from a preterm or way from small to his or her own gestation.

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