Democrats brought back memories of Sen.

Remains at be seen whether they get to these differences if Congress again next to the work week. ‘Dodd appeared on NBC’s Meet the press. Maria Cantwell, praised Kennedy ‘s ability, Cantwell compromise on important legislation, but she said that the legislature must continue to work to reduce the cost of health care, ‘Cantwell appeared on CNN State of the Union (Ohlemacher.. Democrats ‘brought back memories ‘of Sen. Edward Kennedy to push health care reform, as many acknowledged that his absence leaves a leadership gap.The Associated Press. ‘A longtime Kennedy friend and ally, Chris Dodd, said the legislators who want the late senator honor should, ‘ to the the blistering days of August give the cool days of September, and acting you start like senators again ‘ ‘ Many members of Congress locked by blocked by the August recess in a heated debate over health care.

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