Compared with those parents who do not lose the were a child at this age.

The results showed that parents in Scotland who lost their child more than twice as likely to die or widowed during the first 15 years after the loss , compared with those parents who do not lose the were a child at this age.

The study also showed that bereaved mothers die prematurely especially vulnerable. They propose in England and Wales had a four times higher risk of death during the first 15 years following the loss of a child, and even though these effects with time with time, the risk of early death was to be 1.5 – fold to 25 years to 25 years after the defeat against the mothers who had not early loss early loss. – The authors say that if a person who partner or spouse dies, the remaining partner dies often explained earlier than the common faith with the people, this is expected as dying of a broken heart , but according to the study seems it now that this also applies to those who in infancy.Palliative care an integrated, compassionate in response to incurable, with focus on quality of life. ‘As celebrated to progress in treating of hematologic malignancies, we must well as be mindful of the meaning of the sensitive to the need by palliative patients and their family,’says IPP – SHR researcher Dr Pam McGrath. – ‘The data show that in this respect hematological patients be a considerable groups when compared to other groups of Krebs,’said Dr. McGrath.