Community and ambulance services and supporting guidance.

2 The Department of Health this week is the release of the following documents: – The NHS in England: the framework for 2009/10 – PCT revenue allocations for 2009/10 and 2010/11 – report of the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation December 2008 – computer science planning for 2009 – with the commissioning for quality and innovation payment framework – the standard NHS contracts for acute hospital, mental health, community and ambulance services and supporting guidance..

NHS chief executive David Nicholson said: I congratulate the NHS on the significant improvements and been made been made in the last 12 months This year framework sets no new national targets for the NHS The. Priorities that we were last year, which, most importantly, which to staff, information, pleaseublic, and they remain so this year. – We have now led to the movement of by the NHS Next Stage Review by Lord Darzi build generated to put quality at the heart of everything the NHS does.Click the here to on articles.Sources: Journal abstract, NIH / nation Institute of Mental Health.Written by: Catharine Paddock.

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