City lampposts to get data from citizens as they pass by At a time when the U.

But there’s more. Experts think that Chicago’s catch-all analysis technology will attract a lot more technological research. The town is interested in making Chicago a place where development happens, said Catlett. The paper reported that a number of towns all over the world have attempted recently to amass great quantities of big data, to be able to provide themselves with an improved understanding of their surroundings and people. However, scientists have said that Chicago’s project to create a permanent data-collection mechanism is unique.But due to a global shortage, that has not happened yet, the news headlines service writes. This article examines initiatives to speed upcoming vaccine production . Countries can cho[o]se from stronger measures like college closures that may slow the spread of swine flu in the beginning, but the disease will continue steadily to spread anyway, [WHO] spokesman [Gregory Hartl] said Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. Hartl said there is ‘a public health logic’ in slowing the spread of the virus where it really is felt that the public health system will be overwhelmed.