Cells of high fat diet-induced fatty liver in wild-type mice by larger fat droplets here.

Cells of high – fat diet-induced fatty liver in wild-type mice by larger fat droplets, but liver-specific HDAC3 knockout mice on a high fat diet were characterized by smaller fat droplets, although the total lipid content in comparison increased to wild-type mice here .

The findings suggest that the coated barrier lipids in the liver in many tiny droplets insulin resistance insulin resistance in the body. And cement the results of the fact that HDAC3 is pivotable in the integration of signals from the biological clock to coordinate the metabolism, particularly in the liver Zheng Zheng Sun, a postdoctoral fellow in the Lazar lab is. The results show that fat itself is not necessarily bad -. ‘It plays a big role , as will be handled and stored in fat,’says Lazar. ‘It also highlights the importance of compliance with our internal circadian clock. For example, because our bodies do not assume that food to produce during the night and is preparing for more glucose, night eat – probably shoot blood sugar and can contribute diabetes.

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