Cell walls an important building block Cancer cells.

‘Actually, we literally stopped the cell cycle in its tracks by detatching SREBP1 from cells. It appears that if you don’t have got SREBP1 activity, you can’t make lipids, and unless you have lipids, you can’t make fresh cells.’ According to Dr. Ericsson, who is a study Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences also, this approach might 1 day form the basis of a new strategy for the long-term control of malignancy. ‘Cancers cells divide uncontrollably, so their need for lipids is more constant and urgent than normal cells. Treatment with an inhibitor of SREBP1 may decrease the rate of cancer cell proliferation to slow down tumor growth, or might improve the effect of targeted therapies that try to actually kill tumor cells.’..Paul Ryan, R-Wis., up for a vote by the full Senate later this season. The Hill: Senate Voteless ‘Markup’ COULD BE Another Blow To Bowles-Simpson A decision by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad to present the suggestions of President Obama’s fiscal commission in committee however, not to bring them to a vote shows how far Congress remains from creating a debt grand discount,wednesday supporters and critics of the fiscal commission said.