Cell sorting gadget improves recognition of circulating tumor cells By Lauretta Ihonor.

The device, called the CTC-iChip, ‘is definitely capable of sorting uncommon CTCs from whole blood at 107 cells per second,’ say Mehmet Toner and team. They add: ‘Most importantly, the iChip is capable of isolating CTCs using strategies that are either independent or dependent of tumor membrane epitopes, and thus applicable to practically all cancers.’ Related StoriesChemotherapy treatment can contribute to long-term neurocognitive deficits in pediatric mind tumor survivorsNew studies suggest ways to improve cancer care by inhibiting oncogenes, boosting tumor-suppressor activityDiscovery can lead to new anti-metastasis therapies for advanced-stage brain malignancy patientsWhen used on whole blood samples, the iChip’s magnetic labeling and microfluidic sorting features allowed CTCs to become isolated from a number of epithelial and nonepithelial cancer types, such as breasts, lung, and prostate cancers.Ice for 20 mins at the same time Apply, and avoid direct contact of the ice to your skin. Because there is a high chance that other injuries have already been sustained at the right period of the shoulder injury, the injured person should be transported by ambulance to a hospital, preferably one that is a trauma center for evaluation of the shoulder and additional injuries.

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