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But do not pass the measure

Physician-owned specialty hospitals ill-equipped medical emergency handle to HHS OIG reportto any legislation A Senate Finance Committee spokesperson said that to pursue this year , the committee new patient safety rules and more regulation of physician-owned hospitals is planning Medicare legislation. Congress in December 2007 considered legislation that would have mandated more regulation of physician-owned hospitals, but do not pass the measure . – Committee Chair Max Baucus – said: This report found specialty hospital shortcomings across the board, adding that requested the report along with committee members ranking member Chuck Grassley is unbelievable that a device that calls itself a hospital would. At times, not even a doctor on call or a nurse on duty It is unacceptable that these facilities be not designed or equipped to deal with emergencies. .

Molly Sandvig, director of physician hospitals of America, that the report is flawed, because there is no comparison between emergency care at physician-owned hospitals and other types of hospitals provides. She said that CMS should measures against any hospital that does not contribute to the account of the agency. Continue reading

Department of Health and Human Services electronically ABMS Board Certification data for.

Department of Health and Human Services electronically ABMS Board Certification data for. Accessed the emergency review of the volunteers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. ABMS Board Certification data has also been used in in the aftermath of the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse and the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, and was even on hand as a precaution held during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. Served not only effective in this capacity, may ABMS Board Certification data can also be used to assist victims of other types of disasters such as tornadoes, oil spills, forest fires , or acts of terrorism and on to other organizations that need to extend credentials after a disaster or tragedy checked. – in addition to the value it provides emergency ABMS Board Certification data has been institutions such as institutions such as health care organizations, insurance companies, law firms, recruiters and research facilities.

‘The provision of information to the public, it secures the medical qualifications was one of the original purposes of ABMS and remains as important today. ‘.. Over the years, Board Certification data for the American Board of Medical Specialties provided a critical role in examination of those doctors played, are Board by an ABMS Member Board Certified, and information from state and federal authorities have been accessed in an emergency, so you sacrifice immediate quality care from the most qualified specialists. Continue reading

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