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– ‘Transgenic mice, the human wild-type tau or tau mutants were generally as Alzheimer’s models,’explains Lu added that the P301L tau mutant mice are highly preferred due to their robust tau pathology and neurodegeneration. It remains unclear howtau mutations are found in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, it remains unclear how appropriate tau mutant mice actually as a disease model. ‘The importance of our findings are two-fold,’he notes. Secondly secondly, because not found a tau mutation in Alzheimer’s. ‘ offer First, we have a proof of concept that promotion may Pin1 activity a new idea for the prevention or treatment of tau pathology and neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease established ‘patient suggests that these investigations, it would be wise not to use P301L tau as the disease model, especially when screening and testing drugs, as it produce diametrically opposite effects.

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