Black tea consumption may pose problems to weighty tea drinkers Dark tea.

Whitford found that the fluoride focus in dark tea had always been underestimated when he started examining data from four sufferers with advanced skeletal fluorosis, an illness due to excessive fluoride intake and seen as a joint and bone discomfort and damage. While it is incredibly rare in the usa, the common hyperlink between these four individuals was their tea intake – each individual drank one to two 2 gallons of tea daily for days gone by 10 to 30 years.The confirmation of situations as much west as the central region around the administrative centre Ankara has generated dread that the condition is at risk of mainland Europe. The situations in Turkey are the 1st incident of the virus in people outside east Asia because it reemerged in past due 2003. To day the virus offers killed at least 78 people, including two deaths in China recently reported by the WHO. Based on the WHO all of the Turkish victims may actually have contracted the disease from close connection with contaminated poultry, dismissing fears it had been spreading from individual to individual.