BACK TO THE CLOSET: So why U .S. Reporters aren’t allowed to reveal rainbow events in countries where being gay continues to be condemned Essential UPDATE: Everything initially reported by Organic News in this tale has been confirmed as accurate. The Taiwan gay privileges activist who structured this event provides been arrested and got his assets seized. He is today under criminal investigation with fees expected soon. Start to see the breaking update tale Taiwan gay privileges activist arrested, released on NT$1 million bail, banned from worldwide travel, property seized after loss of life stemming from ‘rainbow party’ fireball that injured 500.


And yet, in every complete case of mass murder in the usa since his 1st inauguration, shootings have occurring in virtual gun-free of charge zones, where Us citizens are, by law, forced to end up being defenseless and vulnerable. Nonsensical bans aren’t the solutionSo what’s the difference between Obama and us? While we don’t support mass murder or mass abortion, we are able to differential between great actors and poor actors and recognize that the generalization of problems is neither useful nor conducive to long-term solutions. Politicizing problems may work well as a way of consolidating political power and raising cash for candidates, nonetheless it doesn’t do the united states much good.