Artificial DNA breakthrough could lead to new drugs.

He said this changes everything that’s possible. There are 20 amino acids in nature made up by these letters, said Agus. Now we can head to possibly 150 or 170, therefore the potentials are limitless. Science is at a new point where items are going to take off. The development may possibly also aid the treating diseases. For example, several years ago, it cost $10,000 to make malaria treatment for a calendar year, said Agus. Well, if you engineer bacteria that have the enzymes to create that drug, it right now costs $10, therefore when we will have these new codes, we could begin to make plenty of new drugs, vaccines, and it opens a new window for how exactly we treat disease really, diagnose disease and finally prevent disease.Additionally, there are factors that pose as risk for having cancer such as for example obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, poor nourishment, and environmental pollution. A sensible way to win the battle against cancers is through prevention. Whenever we avoid the chance factors, we help prevent cancer by 30 percent, which is better than nothing at all way. Staying away from cigarette, people and tobacco who smoke cigarettes is an excellent start. Regular physical exercise and balanced foods can help fight obesity. Making sure that our environment is clean can be very beneficial.