Arteriocyte CEO.

Arteriocyte CEO, Don Brown said, ‘We are very happy to once again be identified for the novel technology that our group and our collaborators are developing in order to improve treatment plans for patients in need. This award by the NIH demonstrates that we are on your path to potentially play a role in the delivery of care for patients with leukemia and multiple myeloma.’.These switches help alter the way our cells act and are impacted by environmental factors including diet, exercise and stress. Research at the Buck Institute reveals that ageing also results the epigenome in individual skeletal muscle. The study, appearing on line in Aging Cell, offers a method to study sarcopenia, the degenerative lack of muscle mass that begins in middle age. The total results originated from the first genome-wide DNA methylation study in disease-free individuals. DNA methylation entails the addition of a methyl group to the DNA and is normally involved in a specific coating of epigenetic regulation and genome maintenance.