Ardea Biosciences second-quarter total revenues decline to $3.

3D tomography and the co-sign up of multiple modalities are key steps in the evolution of pre-medical imaging and the advancement of translational techniques for clinical use. The use of Quantum low-dose CT together with IVIS Spectrum can provide, for example, co-registered pictures of tumor development that reveal the first stages of disease development without impacting the biology of the animal.. Ardea Biosciences second-quarter total revenues decline to $3.5 million Ardea Biosciences, Inc. , a biotechnology business focused on the development of small-molecule therapeutics for the treating serious diseases, reported recent accomplishments and financial outcomes for the second quarter and half a year ended June 30, 2010. Since our last quarterly update, we’ve presented additional clinical results further supporting RDEA594's efficacy and favorable tolerability when administered seeing that a single agent and in conjunction with xanthine oxidase inhibitors, commented Barry D.Seasonal flu shots usually do not drive back H1N1. Updated annually, the vaccine for the 2009 2009 influenza time of year was produced in January 2009, well before the worldwide H1N1 outbreak. Because of this, manufacturers did not include the H1N1 stress in the 2009 2009 influenza vaccine. As a result, the manufacturers are making a specific H1N1 vaccine that needs to be available for make use of in high-risk populations this fall. If you feel your child might have H1N1 or seasonal flu, contact your pediatrician or main care provider for guidance. Usually do not give your child aspirin or aspirin-containing items . All strains of flu are pass on by coughing, unclean and sneezing hands.